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Feel Good Ink® is card-giving, reimagined. We’re more convenient than a trip to the newsagent, we donate to very worthy causes and we’re far better for the planet.

Spread happiness.
Feel Good.

Feel Good Ink was named after the special feeling you get when you’ve done something nice: sent your mum a birthday card; donated to a charity; left a slice of cake for a friend, rather than eating it all yourself. You get the picture. Here at Feel Good Ink, we give you the opportunity to experience feel good moments again, and again. And again. Just by creating and sending cards to your loved ones, you’ll be making your life easier, brightening their day, protecting the environment and helping a worthy cause. All that, without having to step foot inside a shop.


Card giving for

Did you know the act of card-giving began in the 15th century? While everything else has progressed, cards, for the most part, have not. Digital cards are not only quicker, easier and more convenient, but they’re better for the environment and our junk drawers, too. But we thought cards could do even more. By partnering with charities and including donations, we’ve transformed the humble card into a vehicle for change. Between all those celebrations and commiserations, we send a helluva lot of cards. Imagine the impact we could have on the planet, and people in need, if we simply changed the way we sent them?

Meet the founders

They're changing the world, one greeting card at a time.

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